Netflix on Vine

A modern-day work environment on a full city block, in the heart of Hollywood. This 3.5 acre Netflix campus consists of three low-rise office buildings, a studio production theatre, and 13,000 sq ft of retail space. Corten Studio partnered with Gensler and SBLA to create a unique planter system along with integrated seating and underlighting across three separate roof terraces. We fabricated the planters from steel and applied various powder coat finishes to work with Gensler’s design intent to have a modern indoor / outdoor flow to the workplace.

Products Used


66 Hudson Yards

Netflix HQ

525 Monroe


245 Hammersmith

Kensington Road

Netflix on Vine

Old Street

45th Street

Vans HQ

135 Bishopgate

Shoreline Plaza

16 Blaine

31 Underwood


719 Mission

Monier Road

919 Main St

Plimsol Blvd.

Our Clients

Brookfield Properties
Clune Construction
Tishman Speyer
Bjarke Ingles Group
Foster + Partners
Permasteelisa Group
Adamson Associates

5301 Beethoven St.
Suite 130, Los Angeles,
CA 90066, USA

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