16 Blaine

16 Blaine is a compact, contemporary plaza that comprises a children’s play area for families to enjoy, and open space for the general public, many of whom come from the nearby offices and restaurants making an ideal spot for locals, workers and visitors to relax and play. The pathways were created with curved plant and tree beds, defined with Corten Studio bespoke planters in made from CorTen steel. The landscape also called for a steel planter system that could accommodate varying heights. Our project team worked closely with the landscape architect right from the concept stages of the ambitious design to engineer a planter system that created and enhanced their vision.

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66 Hudson Yards

Netflix HQ

525 Monroe


245 Hammersmith

Kensington Road

Netflix on Vine

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45th Street

Vans HQ

135 Bishopgate

Shoreline Plaza

16 Blaine

31 Underwood


719 Mission

Monier Road

919 Main St

Plimsol Blvd.

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Brookfield Properties
Clune Construction
Tishman Speyer
Bjarke Ingles Group
Foster + Partners
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