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Founded by Charles Markham in 2015, Corten Studio was established based on his keen interest in furniture, architecture, and design. 


Cultivating collaborative relationships is at the heart of our approach to design and business. We see clients as partners who come to Corten Studio to help them meet challenges and fully realize their design vision. We bring extensive expertise in metalworking, design, and the landscape architecture industry to the table, with an attitude that anything can be done and done well. It is part of our DNA and company culture that "No" does not exist. “I have been made to figure things out and to do something new and different all the time." says Charles. “’No’ does not exist here. Come to us with your project challenges, and we can figure it out.”

Our Values

We're committed to working with our customers to connect great products with great design through great people! Together, we build new and ground-breaking brands by keeping true to our values:

We build Trust with our clients and partners

We promote Teamwork throughout every stage of all our projects to provide the best service

We challenge the status quo through Innovation in our products

We aim to Care for our colleagues, customers, suppliers and our community.

We believe that Positivity and a 'can do' attitude will enable us to achieve anything

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